Complete the Punks

Utility + Accessibility

Punks are gonna need more than a floating head to navigate web3. So we've taken the biggest Punk projects and generated bodies & legs for every single head – adding new value & utility by tripling the asset count for each project. Now, entry into the entire Punkverse – from OGs to AltPunks – is more accessible to everyone. WAGMI.

Finger pointing toward Punks
  • 1-to-1 Bodies and Legs for all the top Punk projects
  • 10,000 Bodies + 10,000 Legs for each project
  • Matching every head by #, type, gender, position, and skin tone
  • MOGO! Mint a random body, get random legs FREE 🎉
  • Mix-n-match on secondary to find the perfect set

Complete the CryptoPunks

The original CryptoPunks helped set the standard for generative NFTs and practically invented the pfp collection. But to stay relevant in web3, they're gonna need more utility and an expanded community of collectors. If you missed out on the OG's, now's your chance to get in!

Complete the Zunks

Zunks are the unofficial sequel to the CryptoPunks – generated on-chain with randomized attributes and guaranteed to be unique from any of the original CryptoPunks. What could make them even more unique? A 1:1 matching set of body + legs!

Complete the xPunks

The xPunks collection is a re-roll of the original CryptoPunks with a more diverse & inclusive distribution of attributes. So we re-rolled our bodies & legs to emulate that distribution, and now everyone can feel complete – yup, complete hoodies for all!

Complete the PridePunks

PridePunks were launched June 23rd, 2018 as a celebration of CryptoPunks, Pride month, and a statement on the lack of inclusivity of Web3.

Now they are back, using the original MetaPunk smart contract from 2018, and ready to spread rainbow love in 2022. It's NFT History at its finest!

Team & Projects

Cranky Brain Labs has been in the AltPunk space since early 2021 with projects like Xray Punks, Darkmode Punks, and CryptoPukes. When Christie's was offering their first CryptoPunks at auction, we launched to host all our AltPunk friends in one massive companion auction event. A new showcase site is in the works at

Complete the Punks is our first 10,000(+) project and it's our small way to help the Punk community continue leading the way in NFTs and web3!